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Sparta is a town in North Jersey where kids go to town and pretend to skate but they really suck. I know cuz i live there. We go hang out at Frank's pizza and the newly built Panera Bread. All the emos hang out at Dunkin Donuts, and they go in the bathroom to do drugs. They think they are cool but, they are gay. Our 7th graders are digraces, doing every drug immaginable. We have a lot of snowboarders who go to Mountain Creek, the worst mountain immaginable. Also there are kids who think they are cool in marching band who do drugs before every practice, they are all fags. But Sparta is pretty cool if you come here you may like it, but if not dont make a deffinition unless you really know what it is like.
Yo where you from?
Wow you're a fag!
by PEYAH! April 27, 2007

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