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1. Band geeks have the most fun!
2. meet the most amazing people
3. plays the most amazing music
4. amazingly awesome band camp in the summer!
5. we are such a huge family!
6. we have the most fun in the entire school!
7. we always look out for eachother
8. letterman jackets that say "marching band" or "drumline" (like mine ;D) on the back are just plain awesome
9. we make those uniforms look sexy!
10. did i mention that we have the most fun out of everybody??
11. the band directors are sometimes very sexy
12. you just might find that one person that you will love forever..... <3
Random Kid: "hey, what are you doing this friday night? wanna go see a movie?"
Me: "you may be sexy...and i would love to go out... but there is a football game, and i have marchin band, which is 10x cooler then you will ever be!!"

Boyfriend: "Hey, you look super sexy!"
Me: "Awww, thanks! i guess this marching band uniform really brings out the color in myeyes!"
by PERCUSSIONGEEK! January 23, 2012

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