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Simulating a lifestyle where perceived safe boundaries are eschewed in favor of inviting, participating and savoring an experience in a highly sensually aroused state. In effect, if ya gotta have it and want more, shake yer giggly bits for all their worth honey. Furthermore, the abandonment of preconceived roles and mores provides the surest way to unleash the potency of our sensual selves. In other words, if your horny, by all means, let your imagination wander where mother would surely disapprove.

In addition, surprisingly enough, it also happens to be feng shui for decorating with mirrors which emphasize the visual enjoyment of of the above.
For it wasn't how she dolloped the whipped cream on top of his jello that had so roused Winfred's attention. No, it was his observation that by following the obvious notions of lynnesqueness, his wife before serving it, had dolloped herself.

Dude, ever since my girlfriend went lynnesque, she went total freak city. It's like she's having a 3-D orgasm with all those mirrors!
by P. Ike Driver December 30, 2011

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