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The third best school in Virginia, behind Virginia Tech and The College of William and Mary. If your grandparents did not attend, and you are not of an ethnic minority chances are unless you give amazing head,or can pay for an admissions letter, chances are you will not get in. Thomas Jefferson didnt even attend you hell hole, and he really isnt your friend (NO MATTER WHAT FACEBOOK SAYS). When you down another school it proves how lame you are...don't be mad that your football team sucks. We love when you wear dresses and high heels because when your dumb drunk asses go falling down on grounds...we laugh our ASSES off. Oh and PS...your girls arent as cute as those Virginia Tech girls. The Lawnies...piss on each other and out of windows...and you call us Hillbillies? (And they are your honor students...cream of what crop?) I am sorry to offend you but lets be honest...Virginia Tech is the one and ONLY number one research university in the state of virginia...that means (if you can handle the math, and you cant pay a calculator) you are not that school. So excuse us while we go to our game and watch our team win in a sweatshirt and jeans...oh yeah and we are still hotter than you :)
Kid 1: Where do you go to school
Kid 2: I am the biggest fucking loser on the planet, I had to go to UVA or my dad said he would rape me, and take away my sweet polo collection

How many UVAers does it take to change a lightbulb?
One to hold the cell phone and the other to cry to daddy asking how to fix it.
by P A U L October 02, 2006

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