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A complete maniac, that will do anything for attention no matter the concequences. complete and total douch that has been an experement for birth with the use of drugs and parents tryin to find out what happens without the use of a condom...
Anyways, every social group has a "Flanders", Just pick out the person who is challenging the jacked guy at the mall just so people can think that hes tough while he talks mad trash, thats that groups "Flanders" and it now becomes there nickname.
Kody- So Frank what are we gonna do
Anthony- maybe we should go to the mall or somthing
Frank- Fuck that lets go make fun of Jewish people and spill drinks on marble floors so we can kick over the wet floor signs so we can laugh at people falling and hurting themselves.
Kody & Anthony- Your fucking retarded Flanders.
by P 3 N 1 S July 25, 2009

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