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1 definition by OzzyIsKing

Possibly the greatest band ever. Creators of heavy metal.

Old school friends Ozzy Osbourne(vocals), Toni Iommi(lead guitar), Terry "Geezer" Butler(bass), and Bill Ward(drums) first formed the band Earth in Birmingham England in 1968. During the 60s the band noticed all the people who went to B horror movies. They figured people actually enjoyed being scared so they changed their name to Black Sabbath, after an old horror movie, and being writing very dark lyrics.

Their first self titled album, "Black Sabbath", was release in 1970 and had many great songs including the darkest song they have ever written, also called "Black Sabbath". The song was written about the bassist, Geezer Butler, waking up in the middle of the night to find a dark shadowed figure standing over his bed. Or at least that's what he thought he saw. He could have been on an acid trip for all we know.

Their second album, Paranoid, was also released in 1970. This albums included songs like Paranoid, War Pigs, and Sabbath's signature song, Iron Man.

In 1971 Sabbath released their third album, Master of Reality which included songs like Sweet Leaf and Children of the Grave. This was the first album to be all in Drop C tuning. In this tuning the strings on the guitar are all tuned down 1 and a half steps. This gave the band a much darker sound.

Sabbath's fourth album, Black Sabbath Vol. 4, was released in 1972. Probably the best overall album it included songs like Supernaut and Snowblind.

Released in 1973 ,the fifth album, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, was another great overall record. Songs like Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and A Natioal Acrobat were the most popular tracks.

After that there was a slew of less successful albums such as Sabotage(1975), Technical Ecstasy(1976), and Never Say Die(1978). Do to drug problems, Ozzy was asked to leave the band in 1979.

After that Sabbath turned to a new lead singer, the former lead vocalist of Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio. With him Sabbath put on albums like Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. These albums were a very different Sabbath with a new sound.

After Dio left to form Dio in 1982, the band went through several line up changes, adding people from Ian Gillan of Deep Purple to Bev Bevan of Electric Light Orchestra.

In the early 1990s the band reunited with Dio to put out another album called Dehumanizer.

In 1997 they came back the original line up. There are talks of a new album but they are only rumors so far.

Black Sabbath fucking rules and anybody who says otherwise is a fucking faggot.
by OzzyIsKing August 08, 2007
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