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1 definition by OxGXBxO 2

Where you or others climb in to a vehicle and go drive in a highly populated area and wherever you see people outside you shout obscenities at them. It could be good things but mostly when this occurs you shout at them to make them mad. You could shout at anyone outside like people walking down the street, people leaving resturants, hobos, or most commonly people pumping gas. The greatest accomplishment is coming across someone that has had a really bad day and having them completely explode in verbal or physical anger. Just make sure there are no cops and you do not shout at them when stoplights are red.

To make it even more interesting you could also throw things at the people and shout “let it fly.” It puts a more interesting trick to the insults and a couple extra laughs.
"Damn kids! Damn drive-by insult's!"

Drive-by insult's
"Pump that gas, bitch!"
"look! a baby fucker!"
"Get a job cocksucker!"
"Chinka tu madre!"
"Hey bitch, let it fly!" (throw object at person or thing)
"Skank at the pump!"
"Fat ass!"
by OxGXBxO 2 April 11, 2010
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