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Hard-core gamers who take games seriously. They don't quit after two deaths. True gamers not only appreciate the graphics, AI, and other things, but they KNOW HOW TO PLAY. (Unlike some cocky noobs.) True gamers are the people who may\will buy books about the game, talk about it over the phone, and buy the soundtracks. A TG never panicks, they always find ways to come out on top. TGs acknowledge the fact that they can not be the best, but appreciate their skill anyway. They also don't gloat or shove it in peoples faces, they just nod their head when they rack up a kill, beat someone on the racetrack, or score a touchdown. (ETC.) Of course, if its the computer you're playing against, you can give it the finger, because AI aren't human. TGs analyze games without thinking about it, and decide whether it is really a good game or not. Noobs will complain about how unrealistic a game is. Wake up idiots, Video games ARE ALL UNREALSITIC. They aren't real life.
Here are a few games True Gamers most likely play. (Including me.)
1. Halo and Halo 2
- Yes, I understand that the physics and guns are totally unrealistic, but hey fucktards, it's a sci-fi game, it HAS to be unrealistic. Yes, aiming a gun in Halo is very different from MoH, CoD, RSix, or other great shooters, but that doesn't really matter.
2. Star Wars Battlefront
- The best thing to happen to Star Wars since the original Rouge Squadron for N64. Rebels 4 EVER.
3. Crimson Skies
- The best flight game for the time era it is based in.
4. Any game that includes either girls, guns, cars, or aliens is a game TGs probably play.
by Owen Ortiz October 20, 2005
The most freaking awesome SHOOTER ever. ALL WHO CALL IT OVERRATED, YOU ARE JUST SUCKY NOOBS WHO CAN'T AIM A RIFLE FOR SHIT, OR DO GIRLS AS WELL. Good, now that I got my anger out, here are some Halo-related facts:
1. Elites R Gay
2. 117 Rocks
3. Johnson Rocks
4. A SCORPION is an erect...well, we all know.
5. RedvsBlue is cool.
6. IF you love games like Halo, then you love girls as well.
7. Sniper Rifles R NOT to be used by noobs under any conditions, unless it is aimed the wrong way.
8. Tarturus has sick thoughts in his head about Miranda.
9. All Halo related ideas are cool
10. If Rainbow Six, Star Wars Battlefront, and Halo were to become one, we'd get the best GAME ever.
11. Keyes and Halsey do it, out comes Miranda, it's the truth and nothing but the truth.
12. Spark is gay, but I guess being stuck on Halo for billions of years can do that.
13. Halo is a game for true gamers. if you brag about how good you are, it's probably becuase you got a SPNKR. (I'd take your ass out with a fucking M6D anyway.)
14. Sputnik mode should be an all-the-time effect.
15. Warthogs and Banshees are mobiles for my P.I.M.P homies.
Playing for hours on end and getting millions of points versus like three is OK. Halo is the best shooter ever, and you should appreciate that, until HAlO 3 comes, cause Halo and Halo 2 will not be the best anymore, peace.
by Owen Ortiz October 19, 2005

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