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(n): A fatal disease characterized by coughing, unbearable gas, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, AIDS, erectile dis-function, cancer of the liver, kidney failure, sever depression, and, in some rare cases, death.

Origin: This disease is contracted from being exposed to Justin Bieber or his obsessed fans for anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the strength of your immune system

Treatments: There is only one known cure for said disease. The symptoms will cease if and only if the victim is kept away from anything related to Justin Bieber and exposed to something that you have to be at least 12 to enjoy (i.e. parties, men/women, real music)
Boy 1: Hey bro, did you notice that all of those annoying freshmen girls with no life aren't here today?
Boy 2: Yeah, it's weird how they just happened to be gone the day after the Justin Fag concert.
Boy 1: They must have died from too much exposure
Boy 2: Yep, just another case of TuBieberculosis...
by Ov3r 9O0O January 04, 2011
"Beiber Fever" is your body's natural reaction to hearing and/or seeing anything remotely related to Justin Beiber (songs, posters, etc.). If you have a strong immune system you will only develop Beiber fever instead of getting sick in other, more fatal ways. Symptoms of Beiber Fever include coughing, unbearable gas, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, and severe depression. To cure Beiber Fever, simply expose yourself either to something that a heterosexual male would enjoy or some real music. Remedies take 1-2 minutes to take full effect.
Justin Beiber's songs have hit record sales, and with it a Beiber Fever epidemic is circling the globe. So far, about 2,300 have died world wide from listening to Beiber's over-rated, sub-par "music" and over 90,000 have been hospitalized.....
by Ov3r 9O0O January 04, 2011

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