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Password used by OJ Simpson to get on his computer
slash slash backslash slash and escape
by Outkast with a K November 22, 2004
Food that makes the world go round. Can be found on any menu. It is often accompanied with watermelon.
KFC is the king of fried chicken.
by Outkast with a K December 04, 2004
T.I.'s original rapping name, but executives were afraid that he would be confused with Q-tip, so they dropped the P.
T.I.P. traps when its cold out.
by Outkast with a K November 23, 2004
The fastest rapper out there. Can rep a bar almost as fast as he can eat a candy bar.
Damn, i need some Twista lyrics cuz i can't understand anything he is saying.
by Outkast with a K November 22, 2004
The highest state of "coolness".
Trick Daddy's new album is cooler than the polar bear's toenail.
by Outkast with a K December 04, 2004
1. Short for "Skew it on the barbeque", which means to cook things up or mix things up.
2. A song by OutKast found on the Aquemini Album.
Old Skool playas to Nu Skool fools. Kast keep it jumpin like kangaroos. We'll skew it on the bar-b, we ain't trying to lose. Say I be god damn it they done change the rules.
by OutKast with a K September 08, 2004
a term used to describe when someones ejaculates underwater.
Did you see that chick, she was so hot that I scuba splooged in the pool.
by Outkast with a K November 22, 2004

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