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1. The fight song for the University of Oklahoma.

2. A chant amongst alumni and fans of the school. When in the presence of other Sooner fans, one person must first yell "Boomer!!!" and it is the duty of someone nearby to reply "Sooner!!!". Both must be done as loudly as possible.

(Can result in embarrassment when one yells "Boomer!!!" under the false pretense other Sooner fans are around, and receives no response as a result.)
1. "Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner! Booner Sooner ! Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner OKU!!!!
Sooner Fan 1: "Look at that guy over there...he's got a OU hat on!"
Sooner Fan 2: Awesome, see if he can hear us.
Sooner Fan 1: "BOOOMER!!!!!!!"
Guy: "SOOOOOONER!!!!!!!"
by Our Roy Williams Is Better December 07, 2010
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