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n, colloq.: A mixed-race heterosexual couple, of which one partner, generally the male, is of Caucasian appearance and the other partner, generally the female, is of South-East Asian appearance, and distinguished by a significant difference in any or all of: (i) age (male greater than female); (ii) weight (m > f); (iii) girth (m > f); (iv) height (m > f); and/or (v) physical attractiveness (f >> m).
"It seemed a fair trade for the happy mupple - the septuagenarian Englishman with his first-world passport but with his shuffling gait and warm if dribbling smile, and the teenage Filipina, grinning inanely as ever, with her whole life ahead of her but with two ex-husbands, an ever-expanding extended family and attendant work-shy village hangers-on to support. It wasn't so much they were made for eachother, rather they weren't really made for anybody else."
by Our Man in Asia July 18, 2006

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