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-an action created by Dennis Dumphy in Sioux Lookout Ontario, where the hand is raised in the shape of a "claw" directly in front of ones self and thrown forward and backward to the beat of a song.Usually incorporated with headbanging.
-an acceptable alternative action to thrusting ones hand in the air during a concert
-a song by Oceans Over Arcane
they simultaneously raised there hands into the claw....and in the distance the faint sound of CUMMINOUTYEAHHHAAAAAAAA could be heard.
by Osiris Anarchion October 19, 2006
-when two diseases are combined together, emo (ignore the pun), and hemophilia.
-an oxymoron, an emo that in fact is a hemophiliac would be redundant, in the sense that the general conception is that emos slit their wrists, or make themselves bleed. Hemophilia is the disease were your blood doesn't clot, so essentially, an emo that is also a hemophiliac would be redundant, because they would bleed to death
-an alternative rock band founded in Sioux Lookout ON, Canada, by Levi Sayers(bass),Bobby Siemens(guitar), Jesse Bradley(guitar),and Thomas Bent(drums), now known as Kimo Abe
the mother and father could not believe that they had not noticed there son's condition, which upon his death they found was emophilia
by Osiris Anarchion October 19, 2006
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