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3 definitions by Oscar Garcia

To be able to determine the weight and shape of the boob without haveing to see her nude. Know what every part of the boob, from the areola to the nipple and those little bumps women get when they are horny around the areola, i call them BRAILE for "TOUCH ME HERE"
boobologist: Those are a 36 DDD , pink nipples, 24.3 bumps around the areola etc etc.

women: wow, you sure know your boobology
by Oscar Garcia November 18, 2005
57 9
On 22 July Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Norway.
If you don't stop getting on my nerves I'll make 227.
by oscar garcia December 29, 2013
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5+29 - woman very far beyond 29. (see "29" and "5")
after another night party she looks like 529
by oscar garcia December 29, 2013
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