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4 definitions by Orodar Woods

Goin nekid. Wearing nothing or only footwear while attending clothing optional festivals or campgrounds.
Rain or shine Im going skyclad the whole weekend.
by Orodar Woods April 21, 2007
A first time attendee of the Starwood Festival. First experience with polyamory and or casual sex lifestyle may be implied.
Last year I was a Starwood virgin. Can I be one again this year if I didn't get laid.
by Orodar Woods April 21, 2007
1 A hedonistic community of campers who have gathered annually for the past 26 years.
2 A religious/music festival attended by pagans in late July. Held at the Brushwood Center in Sharmen NY
3 The internal feeling of home and purpose felt by the attendees of the Starwood Festival. Also the longing felt 51 weeks of the year in anticipation of the next Starwood.
1 Come to starwood its a great place to tune in and get the creative vibes flowing.
2 Great bands play at Starwood every year and the people who go there really know how to party all night long.
3 Ending a week of camping with my starwood family is a sad parting. But the memories keep me grounded till we gather again.
by Orodar Woods April 21, 2007
A zelous veteran attendee of the Starwood Festival.
Yahoo Groups email list January 1 entry: Any of you starwoodians know if the dates for this year have been set yet.
by Orodar Woods April 21, 2007