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A discounted major refers to an undergraduate degree that is less strenuous on the student. Such a degree is deemed 'discounted' for its lowered GPA score.

Such degrees are commonly known as MRS degrees; however, discounted majors extend beyond the common MRS degree. Undertakers of discounted majors often have high hopes for law school acceptance, job markets, and a general drive to succeed.

This often leads to painful rejection; they often do not realize that their GPA is lowered by at least half a point when compared to real majors.

Flaunting about a discounted major is like passing a driving exam. You aren't special.
Examples of discounted majors with AGPAs (adjusted GPAs)

Communications: -.5 GPA

Elementary Education: -.5 GPA

Hotel and Restaurant Management: -.5 GPA

Philosophy: -.4 GPA

English: -.35 GPA
by Orlando Acevedo April 21, 2011

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