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-uses slang and phrases like 'the sex', 'rawr', 'guns go bang', 'gangsta gangsta', 'shem on a bun'
-they like to add x's to stuff like screennames
-uses unknown abbreviations, and abbreviates band names ex:blg patd/p!atd fob pm
-on myspace, they have names that start the same like 'Super Sam!', 'Kiki Kannibal', and 'Stillman the Starfish'
-very outspoken
-like to swear, poseurs tend to swear too much
-saw ftw instead of wtf, pronounced fa ta wha?
-they ACTUALLY dont care what people think, they dont just claim to be
-they do what they want
-ofter hXc and occasionallysXe
-usually own a myspace
-abbreviate swears often while typing ,like 'f'
-say what they think, often say 'u suck at life'
-use video game nerd lanuage like 'snipe', 'pwn', and 'n00bs'
-insults are good when coming from scene kids, dont be offended it your new scene friend says 'luv ya betch', that is a good compliment
-on myspace, examples of scene queens are Kiki Kannibal, Audrey Kitching, and Stillman the Starfish
-don't ever admit your scene, don't even think your scene
-have idols no one knows about, artists are a good choice like, Frida, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali.

-dresses emo or somewhat indie, but lacks the emotion of an emo kid

-tight pants
-band shirts
-rugged blazers
-warm knit scarves (often striped0
-snakebites are popular, and scene girls like them, but boys with snakebites are sometimes assumed gay
-plugs are always good, but are becoming less popular because hair is often covering them
-side lip piercing is becoming popular, like paul from blg (boys like girls)
-hoodies are always cute, some girl hoodies work well, these can be tight or baggy
-wristbands are always cute
-colorful or studded belts, belt buckles will gain you instant scene points
-messenger bag w/ patches and buttons
-fringe/bangs are long and in face, when the back is at normal legth

-tight jeans
-septum piercings are popular, but are somewhat overrated
-monroe piercing (above lip like marilyn monroe's mole, meant to look like a beauty mark)
-messenger bag w/ random buttons and patches
-sometimes long flowy skirts
-search images of scene girl hair, there are too many styles to list!
-band shirts
-anything hello kitty
-little girl hair clips and bows in hair

-shoelaces in hair
-anything unicorn
-hello kitty
-septum piercing
-tight pants
-band shirts
-anything leopard
-short brown hair, fringe halfway down face
-cupcake cult watch
-'sex bracelets'
xXdismalJOYXx:are you going to the patd concrt?
xxpanicwithmexx: ftw, my rents wont let me f f f f f f f!!!!!! im so hardcore, i wanted to mosh!! f f f f!!!
xXdismalJOYXx:ok... that was akwrd
xXDismalJOYXx:im gon go tak myspc pics *flees at sight of poseur*

prep:your such an emo
scene:no im not
prep:look at you!
scene:i lack emotion, emo people are emo-tional
by Original Scenester February 12, 2008
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