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Someone who is generally better than most people. Rich as hell, and well aware of it. People generally put these individual down because they A) are more rich B) have a hotter girlfriend C) are smarter than your average human D) have more friends than normal people E) Rage at a level most people cant handle F) are themselves better looking than most. Bros are known to patrol bars that losers cant get into, gyms, luxury car dealerships, massive houses that haters cant afford, and Polo/Lacoste stores. The opposite, a bro-hater, is just jealous, jealous that their girlfriend is redtube.com, their only friends are via myspace and Friday night is usually spent alone, sober. Bro-haters patrol chat rooms and sites such as this, to try to deface the bro name. However, Bros are generally okay with this, being that at the end of the day, we are still better, still more rich, and still have a hotter slam piece than the losers/bro-haters. Keep hatin' losers, we are still winning.
Anything that's better than what you have. A Bro is always supreme.
by Original Bro June 11, 2010
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