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(n.) World of Warcraft (also known as WoW)
A Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)(MuhMORPuhGah).

It was created by Blizzard Entertainment. In this game you play as a fictional character in an online fantasy universe where players compete to do quests and hang out with other players.

WoW players often stick together and speak a strange language that can only be understood by other WoW players.

The game derives its fun from the fact that it is a somewhat psycological game where the players set goals and compete against one another trying to be better than everyone else to get a sense of accomplishment.

It is not truely fun though it only gives the illusion of fun, kindof like drugs. WoW should be avoided at all costs. It is an addiction that is hard to break.

Seriously stay away from this game. Signs of the WoW infection:
1)Your soul was consumed by a demon from hell.
2)People do not understand you when you talk.
3)You have no personal hygiene
4)You have no friends/relationships outside of the internet
5)You have a dysfunctional family life all of a sudden
6)You're physically weaker and have no stamina.
7)You lose a set amount of money monthly

If you have these symptoms than you have probably wasted a good part of your life pretending to be someone else on an online game also known as WoW. Also you are totally FUCKED!
WoW Player: I am going to play World of Warcraft.

Uninfected: OMG! No! Don't play that you'll have your soul sucked out and you will be nothing, but an empty shell of a human with no emotions.

WoW Player: Thanks, you saved several wasted years of my life thanks!
by Orange And Blue February 02, 2009

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