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def Da best place ever yo!! it aint like wat everyone thinks it is, cuz even though da playas got money aint mean they're white ass crackas' yo. Palo Alto (or PA how we call it in da hood...) is full of horny bitches and hoes all over da place.. if u move there DO NOT go to Paly high!!! IT SUCKS BALLAS dawgs!! go to GUNN HIGH where all the teachers look like students!!! and u're def gonna get some pussy.

And when u get to Gunn high-Ask for LIGHTNIGHT bitches -he's the No.1 rapper yo P.I.M.P -Respect- WESIDE!!!
Palo alto conversation:
Paly Guy: "hey u wanna come over to my house and do some math problems??"
Gunn dude: "STFU fuckin asian nerd i aint comin to ur place after last night with yo sista!!! nigga WHAT!!! i'ma go pipmin with my homies so u better stop foolin urself and try 2 get some pussy..."
by Or P.I.M.P March 12, 2007

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