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Slang for any male sexual performance drug.

The reason why these drugs get the name heat is because when you take them your face gets super hot and you start to sweat.

You can tell if someone is on heat if their face turns red or they start to get a runny nose.

Heat has been known to turn a normal man into superman in bed. Normal guys who dont have ED are now taking heat just to fuck like porn stars.

Just like baseball players taking roids heat is the new performance enhancing drug.

Rick James once said that cocaine his a helluva drug. The same can be said for heat.

If the wind blows wrong down there it will activate heat.
1. Man this bitch aint gonna know what hit her tonight cause I'm going to pop some heat and fuck the shit out of her.
by Optimus Prime #15 October 25, 2010
It's a diease that has stricken all nationalities with no discretion. When a person has zero or negative booty. Their ass resembles a Lizard Booty. All tail and no booty.
1. Hey bro did you see that girl. She had some serious lizard booty going on.

2.((((( = nice booty
///// = lizard booty

3. Donna why are you wearing those shapeups? They wont cure your lizard booty.
by Optimus Prime #15 October 16, 2010

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