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See sham, fraud, fake or any word adjacent to those. Basically, it's a fake TV show wherein a couple of wannabe thugs come to "repossess" people's cars because they haven't made their payments for the car. The main characters of the show:

Louis: He owns the company. Formerly a pro boxer, he doesn't come to repossess the cars that often. When he does come, he's okay on the job, but can be very inconsistent.

Matt: A punk on steroids. He shows several classic signs of Anabolic Steroid use. On the show, he's a thug that basically LOOKS for fights. If someone says something rude, he'll shove them and possibly start a fight. If someone pokes him, he will pop them in the face. He also proves that the show is fake since he breaks SEVERAL laws, like inappropriately holding a girl like he did in the very first episode of "Operation Repo".
P.S. shortly after getting punched to the ground on the job, he said something that proves his idiocracy, "at least this guy had the balls to hit me, unlike you punks out there who only talk smack", or something along the lines of that.

Sonia: Obese little bitch that practically does nothing. She usually makes blind claims (Same goes with Matt), and is the sister of Louis.

Lyndah: She's an okay person, but annoys the hell out of people. She can be pretty blunt.

Froy: The only good guy on this show. He gets in, gets out, and keeps people calm. He's also sometimes funny. Matt basically fucks up everything he does.
Even though Operation Repo can be entertaining at times, we should all know that it's a fake TV show that, for some odd reason, airs on 'truTV'.

Oh, the irony...
by Operation Repo July 21, 2010

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