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A character from the Nickolodeon Hit show Avatar the last airbender.

He is known for shattering everyones optimistic beliefs with his cold unfeeling logic and cynicism.
EXP. Sokka: "wait so you want me to believe that firebenders, a race of flame manipulating conqurers are going to just accept a banished prince as firelord and not try to kill us?."
Sokka:"seriously mr. hide from a hurricane underwater?"
Katara:"suki likes the plan.
Sokka:"so you guys wing it with magical captain planet powers while i come up with a plan on par with the trojan horse, like always?"
Toph:"of course"
Sokka:"you know what im joining the fire nation!, they already use half my inventions even though they bend, unlike you all"
Sokka:"plus your the last airbender how could you restore balance whe the avatar cycle is ends with you?"
Aang:"But me and katara..."
Sokka:"Air and water make sparkling water not more air, plus your a monk you cant do that your mystical air bison god will like eat you or whatever.
Sokka:(sokka pulls out a handcannon and blasts and with a cannon ball) "yea i created guns you like that aang HUH?"

(Aang lies in his special brew of "tomato sauce")

Sokka:" by the way i told azula where to find us and gave her the blueprints for this.
Toph:"how could you?
Sokka:"one she's the new firelord, two she's the only other genius in the who isn't old or a dude."
Zuko:"I wont let you do this!"

(lightning bolt hits Zuko)

Sokka:"And that whould be my Old Lady, Peace Out Peeps!"
by Oolong Dao January 06, 2010

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