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Freezing is a manhwa currently being released on a bi-monthly basis in Japan's Comic Valkyrie magazine. It is written by Korean author Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. The premise (nominally) centers on humanity's efforts to combat alien invaders from another dimension by creating female warriors known as Pandora and pairing them with male Limiter partners (as if the intent of this wasn't obvious enough).

Freezing is considered by many not just the Outskirts battle dome to be made of fail. This is mainly due to heavy amounts of fan service, lack of very original or deep characters, and other nonsensical mediocrities that crop up on many occasions in the manhwa. Seriously its godawful, like a more "ecchi" version of Claymore, while it almost parodies itself by trying to be serious with its uh, plot.

Yes this definition is rippoff from the mentioned wiki because it's that bad and only a fan boy in denial would disagree.
"Freezing is a blatant ripoff of superior anime, such as Claymore, Sekirei, and Mai-Otome. But is Made of fail compared to any of them"
by OolonColluphid August 12, 2012
Newspeak created by pick up artist Manginas because they are so obsessed with getting pussy they must invent words to shame any man who cockblocks the mangina from hitting on their girlfriend/wife. It is no different then a typical shaming tactic from western bimbos, this is because all PUA have white knight complexes.
“The easiest way to find out if a guy is a PUA mangina are the use of terms like pussy begger, game and you need to get laid”
by OolonColluphid June 02, 2011
A vastly overrated genre that has it's origins with crappy shoujo anime and manga. It's basically a Japanese term for cuckolding, and only a jealous mangina would do that to another guy.

The direct opposite is called Netori where the protagonist steals the girl from another guy, however only a loser would have that happen to him anyways.

Like most shoujo manga it usually but not always involves rape, is poorly written, cliched, done mostly for shock value,and takes little talent and writing skill.

While it used to stick to mainly hentai and shoujo, there a attempts at making it main stream but it the non existent plot is painfully obvious to those who aren't teenage girls or jealous old farts. Most artists and writers who use it tend in their works tend to be talentless hacks.
Only emotionally unstable teenage girls and obese former high school jocks like Netorare.
by OolonColluphid February 13, 2012
his is a phrase used as diversionary tactic by feminists & meant to trick men into thinking that a slut just as good as any virginal nubile woman.

It's used by feminists and a talking point given out to mangina white knights because they have an inferiority complex towards real women who are not sluts, ie non feminists and/or foreign women.
" I'm tired of these slut shaming jerks, any man who doesn't want to have sex with me must be gay!".- says the feminist slut.
by OolonColluphid October 08, 2010
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