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1. (noun) A music project started by Gene Smith in 1998.

2. To change diabolik, or otherwise negative energy into positive engery using electronical music instruments, guitars, voices, samples, soft ware, or whatever else Gene can get his hands on to make interesting sounds with.

3. The switches on the back of my synthesizers, drum machines or what have you.

4. In gay/lesbian/bisexual etc. culture I guess it would be switches who are diabolik, like cock blockers could easily be refered to as diabolik switches, or bi-aholik bitches at that matter.
Hi, I'm Gene and I have diabolik switches...so don't fuck with me or I will use them!

Hey, don't bring your girlfriend around those diabolik switches, man.

Diabolik switches is dead.
by Oogely Boogely November 30, 2006
1. Something really cool like your girlfriends snatch.

2. The snatch of a girl who happens to be hot.

3. Yo mamma's snatch, bitch.

4. Really good drugs.
Its all about hot crayabz!!!
by Oogely Boogely December 01, 2006

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