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When one squints their eyes, thrusts out their upper row of teeth and over-exaggerates their facial features, Can be used in conjunction with the noodle voice to mock others. Created by a few students in high school.
I looked over to him only to be met with a face that could only be described as, a Noodle face.
by Oodle o' Noodle January 22, 2011
A series of actions that causes someone to take on the appearance of a mentally handicapped person. This action can also be used in mocking someone, or just staring at someone who has said something incredibly dumb. Can be used in conjunction with a noodle voice, or noodle face.
During class he was going noodley, mocking me at every chance he was offered.
by Oodle o' Noodle January 22, 2011

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