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2 definitions by Onsokumaru

Anyone concerned more with (poor) aesthetics and obnoxious audibility than physics.
"Dude my new civic wing is dope, geee!"
"Yes, but what is the drag coefficient of that monstrosity? And exactly what do you think the effects of that much downforce will be on the rear-end of this front wheel drive vehicle. Did you even think 2 seconds in advance?"
"I got a 'Fast and da Furious' air-freshener."
"You got screwed over Ricer."
by Onsokumaru November 06, 2006
n. A man of great flamboyance and homoseuality; any individual whom may be user of high sheen and/or flashy 42-sided trianges; One sick son of a bitch!

v. To ruin or decrease and specified object in value (monitary, sentimental, or otherwise); To have very little or negative aesthetic value; The act of editing poorly; To do much of anything poorly.
Look at that kooped up ricemobile. Only Koop would dare think that looks good?
by Onsokumaru November 06, 2006