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A Usenet regular. See also 'Webbie' and 'RL'
I've been a Netter for 10 years, hangin mostly in teh Flonk and A26.
by Onideus Mad Hatter September 24, 2006
An World Wide Web (www) user who spends most of their time on web boards and surfing mainstream sites like Google, Amazon, Ebay, etc. See also 'Netter' and 'RL'
I was all bitch slappin teh regs of this fuckin webbie board the other day.
by Onideus Mad Hatter September 24, 2006
Soppled is used as a verb to describe something that gets soaked with a heavy liquid such as gravy, milk, slime, oil, paint, etc.
I soppled up the spilled milk with a dish towel.

I got soppled with a can of paint that fell off the roof.
by Onideus Mad Hatter May 17, 2007
Smunge is like something getting crunched up, but like softer, like how they make the cars today, they smunge up on impact rather than crunch up. It's basically any kind of soft impact.
I put the empty can of Mt. Dew under my foot and then smunged it into the ground.
by Onideus Mad Hatter May 17, 2007
Another term for n00b it describes someone who has little to no experience with the Internet or net.culture.

RLs often attempt to inflict their own backwards real life values and customs onto others. They also have a tendancy to treat the Internet as if it were an alternative form of real life which is why they often get frustrated and upset because net.life and net.culture does not reflect what they ran away from in the real world.

See also 'Netter' and 'Webbie'
There was some dumbfuck RL in here the other day whining about how we weren't "nice" to him.
by Onideus Mad Hatter September 24, 2006

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