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NOT somebody who likes Avril Lavigne.
--Two random townie girls were randomly walking in a random park one random day--
Shiniqua: So..what are we doing here?
Nicky: Having a fag, innit?
Shiniqua: But you're pregnant babes.
Nicky: Really?
Shiniqua: yep.
Nicky: How bloody stereotypical
Shiniqua: That's..kinda the point
Nicky: Oh, right then
*out of nowhere Avril Lavigne appears*
Avril Lavigne: Mwhahaha
Nicky: A- grunger?
Shiniqua: *hyperventilates* she's wearing black!!!
Nicky: Noooo *faints even though she's a hard townie, innit*
Avril Lavigne: Boo?
Shiniqua: Ahhh. *faints on top of Nicky*
-Random townie male jumps out of bush-
Kev: Wickkked! Its Nicky! And Shiniqua! On top of each other!
Avril Lavigne: *blinks* helllooo? You're like totally meant to be like scared of me, cos I'm like totally different!
Kev: Oh. Right then. *melts into a puddle of scaredness*
Avril Lavigne: BWHAHAHA everybody fears meh! {yes, meh}
*Grunger skates {its MEANT to be stereotypical damnit!} on the scene, listenign to music*
Avril Lavigne: Yo! Sk8r Boi! Fear meh!
Grunger: ...
Avril Lavigne: TOWNIE! You're not listening to my music and I am so puNK rAwK!!11 You can't be grunge and NOT listen to my music.
Grunger: ... You know you're not really.
Avril Lavgine: I AM! Look I can skate and EVERYBODY who is grunge skates!
Grunger: *rolls eyes*
Avril: *grabs skateboard*
*attempts to skate*
*topples off*
Grunger: Whoops. Oh well. *leaves*
--A whole bunch of ten year olds with blunt studs from Claire's Accessories and wearing t-shirts saying "punk" in pink glittery letters come mourn.--
(Lol enjoy the story?)
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
Okay, this is all extreme, some of the townies I know, aren't COMPLETE knobheads but then..some are.
They hate grungers. Think anyone who isnt wearing ugly, cheap ass clothing (no matter how much it cost it still manages to LOOK c.h.e.a.p) are grungers, or posh, innit?
(Innit really bugs me. In WHAT exactly? Or I reply sweetly, "It is.")
Listen to *shudder* "music."
Typical townie music is: Fittty Ceant, Blazin' Squad, Sean Paul Kiss 100 etcetera.
How to recognise a twonie near you:
Wel, enough has been said about townies out and about before me. So here's how you recognise a townie ONLINE.
Their Msn screen name is something like:
uR ClOthEs lOok GoOD... bUt tHeY wOuLd lOok bEttEr oN mY bEdRoOm fLOoR!!111
Accompanied by some stars or hearts or kisses, if they happen to be girls. Their profiles will include some of their hobbies too:
"Goin Destiny*" "Boys/Girls" "Ma phone"
Boys will include something about rapping, "hacking" etc.

Shout out to the person/people? (Man Bon and Kin Mun) who mentioned Harrow Tube Station. Cool place for grungers. (a hella lot of fit dudes up there, which is always a plus.) Live just near it. :P Come stalk me. Of course, the best place to go is Camden.
If you happen to be a townie, the best place to go where people of your kind gather is Watford, the Harlequin Centre.

*Destiny is a townie scum nightclub in watford. If you want to see enough fake burberry to last you a life time go here.
Just..go to destiny.
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
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