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When an individual has lost all self-control and self-respect and consequently proceeds to approach a particular activity, or group of activities, with the mindset of I don’t care, I love it.
Watching Sharknado at work without any pants on. Don’t you work at a school? Icona Pop syndrome bro.

Leaving a conversation with the perfect girl midsentence when you notice the bar has a Hoop Fever machine. Unplugging the Hoop Fever machine so you can set the high score. Spending $150 on the Hoop Fever Machine to maintain your high score and defeat all challengers.

Spending all day in nasty sweaty softball clothes because going home to change would cut into your drinking buzz.
by On A Boat July 17, 2013
Just sayin' = justinbiebersayin' = biebs

A common phrase in Americockney. A statement of fact.
Derived from the ubiquitous and incessant presence of Justin Bieber, a constant annoyance in modern American culture. Provides a vent for buildup of hatred, in addition to being a delightful self-referential meta-pun.
As a statement of fact: "I can't believe you said that!! Biebs."
To cushion the blow: "You are such a dick. Biebs."

Basically it can go anywhere you'd say, "I'm just sayin'"

(This is similar to cockney rhyming slang where

trouble = barney rubble = barney)
by On a Boat January 10, 2011

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