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— n

( Brit ) Homosexual activity in a public lavatory involving two men and a wall with a hole in it. You work it out.

C20: from cottage (sense 4)
'Ronald was exploring the multifarious mechanical advantages of different cottaging positions'

Ronald: 'I have, by trial and error, come to the conclusion that the plastic bag method is by far the most convenient and pleasurable method. Nevertheless, it lacks the anonymity typically desired for such an experience, thus some may prefer the "hole in the wall" method, as it adds a sense of discretion and adventure.'

Son: 'Daddy, what's cottaging?'
Father: 'Well son, when two men love each other very much, they secretly meet in public lavatories and do the dirty. Through a hole in the wall. The excitment is unparalleled.'
by Oliver the Orphan January 25, 2011

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