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A term used to specify the great lengths men will go to, to obtain a booty call or sexual interaction. Often a build up of testosterone will induce shaking, abusive outburts and aggresion, causing the male to feel the need to satisfy his urges. In utter desperation the male will say/do anything in his power to ensure his 'soldier' gets some front line action, rather than withering away at home.
Phone Convo
Guy:Hey baby can i come over?
Girl: Oh i just dont think its a good time...
Guy: But, but, i'll make it worth your while...I'll do anything!
Girl: I dunno, do you just want sex?
Guy: No baby no way! i wouldnt do that..I..<gulp>..I love you!
Guy's roommate (in background): Bro pull yourself together! you gona regret saving private ryan tomorrow!
by Olive Leaf April 21, 2008
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