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16 definitions by OlegTheGreat

an absolutely worthless psuedo-slang dictionary that can be edited by anyone. Has absolutely no qualiy control as a preteen/semi-retarded person can choose whether a definiton makes it or does not make it. Contrasts with fmylife.com in that fmylife.com, it takes multiple "ok"'s for a story to be posted. This results in less, but higher quality, material than on urbandictionary.com
urban dictionary. Seriously. Wtf.

Word: Tom

A gay ass nigger piece shit that lives next door to me and shits all over my lawn

Some random pre-teen/idiot: Ooo, that's funny. Lots of swears. *clicks ok*

Definition is published for all to see!
by OlegTheGreat April 07, 2009
1. The famous carbonated drink that only 5 people know the exact base to.

2. Any drink in which hot sauce has been put in as a prank. Generally, hot sauces of 600,000 Scoville or greater are used to minimize the amount needed, and thus minimize the chance of detection before it's too late.
A: He really embarrassed you with that picture of you passed out naked.

B: It's ok, I think I got him back.

A: How?

B: I gave him a "Dr. Pepper".

A: Made with what?

B: His favorite, Rum and Coke, with a bit of concentrated Capsaiccin solution added in.

A: You realize that might kill him?

B: Nah, I only put a tiny droplet of the solution in, but he definitely won't be having fun tonight.
by OlegTheGreat December 16, 2010