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16 definitions by OlegTheGreat

A word used to call someone a bitch without actually saying "bitch".
Oleg: you b----snitch
Lisa: a bsnitch? Wait, did you just call me a bitch?
Oleg: Nonononono. I'd never call you a bitch.
by OlegTheGreat March 19, 2009
How well a Jew fits into the Jewish stereotype. Does not apply to anyone who is not not Jewish.
Stereotypes include:
High intelligence
having a stereotypical Jewish job (doctor, lawyer, salesperson)
Ahering to Jewish Custom
Practicing Judiasm.
Alec has very little Jewness as he barely practices Judaism, and is studying to become an engineer, instead of a doctor or a lawyer. He is a bit stingy though.
by OlegTheGreat December 13, 2008
a FOB graduate student that cannot afford graduate school, so they help teach an undergraduate college class in exchange for free tuition.

They are often very knowledgeable about the topic that they teach, but are absolutely incompetent when it comes to teaching it due to their inability to speak to speak English fluently.
teaching assistant: ok, I wecmnd you use matrab, na mapre. if use mapre, open de sheet, and you see de sheet, and you type commands. I herp if you need herp.

by OlegTheGreat March 30, 2009
A word describing a sound that sounds like the sound.

examples of onomatopoeias:
by OlegTheGreat March 29, 2009
What I will do to you when you least expect it.
When you get home, I'll be hiding in the corner, ready to shoot you in the face.
by OlegTheGreat April 06, 2010
The russian word for "russian".
it IS often used as a racist term for russians, but very few people are brave enough to use racist terminology against russians, because Russians are usually buff, and can kick the crap out of anyone.
American: "Hey Ruski! Get the fuck out of our country you commie bastard"
Russian: "Shto ti skazal, skatina?!! Now you dead!" *Russian proceeds to beat the crap out of the ignorant American*
by OlegTheGreat October 10, 2006
A reskin of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion that is an attempt at continuing the Fallout series.

While a good game in itself, the general consensus is that it DOES NOT adequately continue the Fallout game series, due to the lack of turn-based combat, humor, slight lack of continuity with the rest of the game series. It is also less of a free roam than the previous games, and has a much darker theme.

Positive aspects in relation to the rest of the series include making certain popular aspects of the other games 3-d and life-like (ghouls, super-mutants, brahmin, power armor)
An example of one of the continuity erros in Fallout 3 is that Vault-tec's headquarters was in the DC area, while in the previous games it was established that it was in in the west coast area.
by OlegTheGreat December 16, 2008