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Tomboys can be of any age. The term usually refers to someone of the female gender who enjoys participating in typically male gender activities. It can range from cars to canoeing, and everything 'typically' male in our society. Tomboys are not only capable of easily navigating in a man's world, but they can also be feminine and sexy when they desire to be. They do it because they want to, not because they feel cultural pressure to do so. Tomboys will look you in the eyes when speaking to you. Tomboys tend to chose careers that are in the hard sciences - like math, engineering, architecture, etc... Tomboys can have difficulty relating to Girly-Girls because tomboys aren't as restricted in their ability to express themselves honestly and openly - whereas Girly-Girls tend to want to please, and thus work hard at conforming and trying to be pleasant, even when they are really ticked off! Tomboys friends are usually males, and they make really good wives. They can be sexy when necessary, and they can change a tire or rewire a lamp when needed. They aren't restricted by thoughts like, "I can't do that, it isn't feminine"! Tomboys are terrific!
I am an Older Tomboy (53) and I still like to fish, canoe, and shoot target practice. My husband appreciates these traits, and he also appreciates my ability to be loving, gentle and sexy.
by Older Tomboy December 27, 2007

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