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An act made famous by the Norse god Odin also known as Oden Viking Warrior--the supreme god and creator in Norse mythology. In this inhumane act, a person goes back door on a fellow female comrade. Right before the bestower is about to extract seminal fluid into the unsuspecting victim, he chops the female receptacle's head off causing her anal cavity to tighten, giving much pleasure to the person performing the act.
If The Oden is just a myth, then maybe i dont want to be living in this boring world.
by Old Norse Õthinn November 06, 2006
While performing The Oden on a lucky female, the woman must perform fellatio on another gentleman. When the person playing the part of "Oden Viking Warrior" cuts off the female's head, her jaws will clamp down on the third party's purple helmet warrior causing her cranium to look like a christmas tree orniment hanging from the male's Big Bamboo branch; nevertheless, his face will light up like a Christmas tree from the sheer joy.
Person 1: Man I wish I can experience the joy and excitement of The Oden's Hanging Sidekick.
Person 2: I've done it twice, and the feeling is Excruciating...Excruciatingly DELIGHTFUL!!!
Yeah, i was jingle belling all the way home...if you know what I mean!
by Old Norse Õthinn November 19, 2006
The act of going back door on an unsuspecting female accomplice. Instead of actually using captain winkie, you use a pseudo one-eyed monster (such as a dildo) making the female suspect that you're "in her" but guess whos slowly making his way around the woman to pummel her to a deadly pulp with a jack hammer and philips-head screwdriver (you guessed it--the man with the plan). Right before the first strike from the concrete-destructing machine, you say "I'm literally like the Socrates of fries right now"
The Cormier ...Dah-dah-dah-deh-duhhhhhh you big dummy
by Old Norse Õthinn November 23, 2006
After performing The Oden on a fortunate female, you send the severed head to the female's place of residence. Its funny because, not only is the severed head decaying in a box, but nobody's gonna be home to open the perishing package.
I sent "The Oden's Return to Sender" first class priority mail yesterday. The package better arrive at her place tomorrow or I'm gonna be pissed with the post office!
by Old Norse Õthinn November 19, 2006
A deviation from Oden Viking Warrior's--The Oden. It involves 4 males who perform DVDA--in other words 2 in the pink and 2 in the stink. The males feel double the pleasure because there is more squeeze on their crotch cobras
The Oden (DVDA edition) is used for bonding, I perform it with my 3 sons instead of camping or fishing.
by Old Norse Õthinn November 19, 2006
A derivation of The Abe Lincoln where a man uses semenal fluid as crazy glue. Instead of the man trimming his pubic region and placing them onto the female's penis pudding filled face, the man grabs a fist full of pubes, yanks it out of his crotchal area, and then slaps the blood-ridden hairs onto his female companion's face--resembling the face of our late great assassinated 16th president on April 14, 1865 in Ford's Theatre.
Mary: You hear Jimmy pulled off "The Abe Lincoln (Ford's Theatre Edition) yesterday?

Mark: Yeah, **Pulled off** literally...haha...get it? Pulled off....you know....kinda like the pubes that he **Pulled off**...haha

Mary: Yeah I got it, you didnt have to explain it any further

Mark: Chode Lips!
by Old Norse Õthinn March 30, 2007
One who follows in the footsteps of Oden Viking Warrior and performs "The Oden." A truly brilliant innovator who is respected and admired by all moral human beings and a true idol for young adults around the world.
That Odener is so hardcore that he performed the Oden with his own mom. With years of practice, I can only dream of being as well renowned as him.
by Old Norse Õthinn November 20, 2006
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