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A continuous strip of hair often found below the forehead. Often makes the individual sporting the aformentioned monobrow look particularly sinister or like a poor mans Michael Hestletine. The possession of a monobrow can almost certainly lead to the conclusion that the individual is also in possession of a particularly thatched chuffwig or in male terms a love nest that can only be likened to taking a jolly through the sparce but beautiful and necessary wilderness of Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida.
'Alright Nichols, I see you've trimmed the brow this fine morning, i can almost see you're face today'.
by Olaf Peterson October 01, 2004
Slang for female genitalia, often likened to a hairy bait box, occasionally refered to as a sloppy love-trench in certain circles
Fuck me Steve, I went down for gravy and she had a right sloppy love trench!
by Olaf Peterson September 28, 2004

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