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4 definitions by Octavio Hermendez

The act of pulling apart your butt-cheeks and putting them on a knee while you have violent diarreah. The knee will block of the diarreah and make it fly in every direction.
One time, when I was little, I was sitting on my my mom's lap and I accidentily gave her a Knee Stopper. Whoops.
by Octavio Hermendez October 13, 2006
A person who watches PAX every night and masturbates to the popular 80s sitcom "Mama's Family".
Man, last night, when I was watching "Mama's Family", Naomi was getting me so hard. And then when Iola bended over I exploded everywhere. I'm a true "Mama's Family" Boy.
by Octavio Hermendez December 03, 2006
Covering yourself with fecal matter and seamen, naked, and playing "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard on an out-of-tune guitar.
Yeah, man I love freebirding.
by Octavio Hermendez December 07, 2006
One who stabs a baby in it's soft-spot using his penis (Works best for a black dude dressed up in a clown suit). The you fuck the baby's body.
Man you should try being a soft-stabber. It feels sooo good when you fuck the baby's organs.
by Octavio Hermendez December 09, 2006