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1 definition by Objectivity is good

Cradle of Filth is a British rock band, formed around 1991-92. There is a fair bit of controversy surrounding over whether they fit the category of "black metal" or not. black metal fans say they aren't black metal because they do not sound like bands such as , Darkthrone, etc. Cradle of Filth fans either say A. Who cares the music's good or B. They are black metal because they fit the definition.

It is my opinion they are gothic metal. However, it is also my opinion that people should not judge and artist based on their popularity/genre and just enjoy the music.
Many underground rock fans likes The Darkness before "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" made it big. After it did, they all rejected it as "mainstream crap." They had to come from somewhere, didn't they? It wasn't the mainstream.
by Objectivity is good July 16, 2005
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