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Male. Aged 19-35. Drives an old SUV, Toyota Tacoma, or other "utilitarian" vehicle. Claims to love craft beer though may or may not be able to discern the difference between a porter and a stout. Likely climbs, skis, snowboards, or mountain bikes. Maybe all four. Will not hesitate to to brag about said sports 'superior aesthetic,' and will probably overstate his accomplishments, leading you to believe he understands what he is talking about. Believes that his zest for life, above average intellect, and moderately handsome profile makes him truly unique, thereby entitling him to regurgitate humble-brag exaggerated stories of adventure/accomplishments to you. His nicest garments are flannel.
Girl: Did you see all the Basic Denver Bros at the bar? I got asked 32 times to go climbing and get a beer after.
by Obi commode-y January 06, 2015
One who is afraid of toilets
Sarah: I have to pee
Billy: The toilets upstairs and to the left
Sarah: Where is there a bush around here?
Billy: Why?
Sarah: I am a commodaphobe, it's a rare phobia whereby the effected is afraid of toilets and sometimes bathrooms altogether.
by Obi commode-y March 05, 2012
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