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The unofficial Chav capital of England. The village features a chippy and grocery store. The Chavs are usually congregate outside the chip shop and near the bins at night time, as this is the only time they come out. They have also been known to hurl abuse at the staff working the hot chicken counter at Somerfield.

As well as this, a warm welcome is given to everybody who enters the village, as the signpost for Selston is riddled with bullet holes.
Person 1: "Oy mate, have yer visited Selston?"

Person 2: "No I ain't, I've 'eard it is the chav capital of England though."
by Obey Your System January 05, 2011
1. The combination of the words 'Ukulele' and 'Retard', thus making Ukutard.

2. It is someone who plays the ukulele to often and is therefore a retard for doing so.
Steve: "Hey mate, I've heard you strumming away on your ukulele all day, what gives?"
Alan: "I guess you should stop complaining."
Steve: "Shut up you Ukutard."
by Obey Your System December 20, 2010

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