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Oakville is right on Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. My teachers tell me that we live in a bubble and that we don't know what the "real" world is like, but this is the world and this is real, just because we haven't expierenced a troubled neighborhood doesn't mean we aren't living in a reality. This is my life, and this is where i live. I'm well off and so is practically everyone else here. I only moved here 2 years ago from B.C. and yet I feel safer and I feel as if this is a good place to be. When we first moved here we lived in Missisauga waiting for our house to be moved out of, and to tell you the truth, it ins't much different besides a different area code, a larger population and fewer rich people. It doesn't make it any worse. Alot of people on here define Oakville as a place of ignorance and discriminating against poorer people. I dont do that, my friends don't do that, and my friends friends don't do that, so who exactly is doing it? Oakville is just a good place to be, where people who work hard are able to buy a house in a nice middle class safe community. I don't exactly know why people are "hatin'" us, or why they think that we are "hatin'" on them. We're lucky to live in this community and we appreciate it, we don't rub it in peoples faces. This is my life, this is where I live, I hope that my life is part of the "real" world, and I hope that you understand my defenition.
Dundas Road .. where on one side it is Oakville and the on the other side it is Missisauga

Oakville Kid - Let's go to Famous Players
Oakville Kid's Friend - Sure
Missisauga Kid - Let's go to Best Buy
Missisauga Kid's Friend - Sure

Can you tell if your which side of Dundas your from?
by OakvilleKidL6J June 23, 2006
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