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A Company that allows you to earn profit on your own time! YOU BITCHES WHO ARE COMPLAINING ARE JUST MAD BECAUSE YOU CAN'T RETAIL PRODUCTS! HA! Learn how to be personable and how to be a saleman! This ain't a "get rich quick" scheme so stop treating it like one!

By the way, the products that your upline might push on you are optional. If you can't say "no" but rather blow your money, that's your fault, not Amway's!

I don't care what any of you say, money talks and I make money off of these products!

(Don't count my words as the words of every Amway IBO. I'm not a Amway Employee so I don't represent corporate, I'm just a IBO making money. I normally don't curse but you NON-SELLING BITCH ASS COMPLAINERS who can't make that bread be in the way!)
by OWN BOSS! November 10, 2012
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