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Feces that are produced from a cow, but then worshiped and revered by hindus as they spread it on their walls and set it on fire for blessed heat.
Vikram is spreading cow shit on his walls and then his wife Poonam sets some cow shit on fire for the family to pray.
by OJ Stabs Em January 03, 2010
A homosexual, apple loving African American. A combination of iNigger and Nigggot, this is possibly the most offensive word in the world.
"Tyrone loves the Mac book and iPhone that his boyfriend gave to him, what an iNigggot"
by OJ Stabs Em January 03, 2010
cow shit set on fire by Hindus, they huddle around it for warmth, considering it to be blessed.
In India, the common people are too poor to afford electricity 24/7, so when there is no power, the common folk make hindu heaters by setting cow shit on fire.
by OJ Stabs Em January 11, 2010

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