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the party starter, fruity soft white that tickles the palette...almost certain to get u fucked up-this cheap 'grape juice' was put on this earth for one to enjoy....
uugh uugh uugh uugh.
Comes in various flavaz, although fruity lexia is the taste of choice!
An aquired taste, that one must devour!
"Thats some sweet ass goon, son"
"Here, hit dat goon, chief!"
"Fuck thats a fine drop of goon"
"Goon, the other other white wine"
by OH NETTY March 20, 2009
The luscious result when ribena juice is mixed with a fine fine glass of cheap imported boxed wine AKA goon!

1 Glass of juicy lush goon,
1 glass of ribena juice

Mix in a bowl, add one of those little cocktail umbrellas and some straws, and enjoy!
by Oh Netty April 04, 2009

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