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Stands for "Blood Killa". Terms Crips and other opposite gang sets of the bloods use. Also, being written as Graffiti on walls, on the internet, notebooks, cars, hats, clothes, sneakers, etc.

Also, being substituted for the letter "b" in every word by gang members.
Its BK, All Day Everyday!

Fuck dem bklue rag bkitches, i bke bkangin dat shit like a tru g.
by OG Killah Bu5taH April 25, 2005
Abbreviated for "Asian Boyz", an asian pacific gang around many areas of Massachussetts, Maine and California. They represent a royal blue bandana (rag or flag), as a trademark for their color. Also affiliated with the Crips, and also taunted with being called a "Crab", "Crab ass nigga", "Fuckin' Crab." Also can be represented in the numbers 1226.
Yo there be Clowny, that crab ass AB nigga.

He jus got his ass jumped into AB.
by OG Killah Bu5taH April 25, 2005
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