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One of the most hardest disorders to live with.

When you have it, its difficult you feel empty, you get headaches when people don't do things your way, you become a perfectionist, you take your anger out by screaming, you don't like to talk to a therapist, you hate germs.

Your therapist continues to tell you to shorten your OCD, "rituals" you feel extremly awkward and empty.

You hate it when people make fun of OCD,
you hate when people call it a " mental disorder"
you hate it when people call you " crazy "

You get scared & nervous, very very quickly.

Sometimes OCD can lead to panic attacks, anxiety disorders, ulcers, and depressions.

incase you didn't notice, i have OCD, so take it from me, not some asshole who's making fun of it.
THERAPIST: try to not do your rituals.
OCD PATIENT: its hard, i feel so strange.
by OCD victim April 15, 2008
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