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One of the worst, most stressful, most difficult disorders. If things are perfect for you or bother you it drives you crazy, it bothers you more than anyome without the disorder could imagine and can eventually lead to panic attack and so much stress that the victim of OCD can die. Everyone tells you to go see a therapist but for someone with OCD that is usually the last thing they want to do, and it doesn't work for most because you can't just not do anything when your OCD is acting up. I had to have medicine (which isn't the most pleasent thing) before I would feel suffocated when things didn't go my way. People love to make fun of OCD and tell you it's no big deal and that you're crazy and you wish so bad that they had the disorder.

Bob- Chill Jim! It's ok to leave the door closed.

Jim- No it's not I just can't take it any more!

Bob- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim- If only you had OCD. Then you wouldn't be laughing.
by OCD sucks! May 05, 2010

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