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A town in Northern Indiana between South Bend and Elkhart. Neither South Bend or Elkhart are worth mentioning, so this little shit hole doesn't even really deserve an Urban Dictionary definition except to serve as a warning. !!!WARNING!!! If you ever find yourself visiting this town you are either looking for a redneck, meth-head, fist-fight-on-a-Tuesday-night-because there's-nothing-else-to-do bar, or you are looking for a shitty used car, or possibly both. There is absolutely nothing else in this "vacuum of the Mid-west" beside used car lots and bars. Should you ever find that you will be actually taking up residency in this hemorrhoid of the corn belt, do yourself a favor and stop off at the Martin's supermarket at either edge of town and pick up a pack of cherry Life Savers and a handgun (the Life Savers will get rid of the taste of metal when you place the barrel in your mouth).
Random person 1: Nice to meet you, where are you from?

Random person 2: Osceola, IN.

Random person 1: Where the fuck is that?

Random person 2: ...Notre Dame.

mishawaka south bend elkhart michiana
by OC Survivor December 16, 2009
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