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A girl with a rather large posterior. A "Wide Load".
This comes from Spanglish, as, in actuality, larga means "Long" (not wide or large), but since it is so close to "large" in English, and it rhymes with "carga" (which means "load" in Spanish), it works perfectly in Spanglish.
Bro #1: "Dude, you better be careful! That chick you're talking to is a larga carga!"
Bro #2 (with B.A.C. over .20%): "Not an issue..."
Bro #1: "Bro, I'm surprised she don't have one of them escort vehicles with the flashing lights drivin' behind her!"
by OC Raton October 29, 2010
Kiss ass, as in "make nice", usually to compensate for some major jerk move you pulled. Loosely translated from Spanish to form a "Spanglish" word (though this variation has been considered slightly controversial because culo sometimes is taken to mean asshole, so you are not just kissing the ass-cheeks, you are going WAY in there!).
Oh, shit dude, I came in at 5am last night, smellin' like perfume, so I had to majorly beso culo so wifey didn't kick me out of the house!
by OC Raton July 21, 2010
Corona Vatos Locos. Members of an association of Chicano gangs (Scarlets, Persuaders, Crusaders, etc.) based in Corona, California, all of whom mainly congregate on 4th street.
Orale holmes, the CVL homies better stay out of Casablanca, ese, my cousin Spooky just jumped into East Side Riva, and they're bad ass, Holmes.
by OC Raton July 05, 2011

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